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Rexburg Idaho Temple by Kittypie323 Rexburg Idaho Temple :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 3 0 White Noise by Kittypie323 White Noise :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 3 0 Padawan's Peter and Edmund by Kittypie323 Padawan's Peter and Edmund :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 9 7 Padawan Pevensie's by Kittypie323 Padawan Pevensie's :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 14 11 Clive and Luke by Kittypie323 Clive and Luke :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 1 1 Professor Layton and Clive/Future Luke by Kittypie323 Professor Layton and Clive/Future Luke :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 2 1 Darth Revan by Kittypie323 Darth Revan :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 5 4 Snowboarding by Kittypie323 Snowboarding :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 4 6 Darth Taktiker - Commision by Kittypie323 Darth Taktiker - Commision :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 0 0 Joshua - Dead Future by Kittypie323 Joshua - Dead Future :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 1 0
Injured 2: Dreams and Nightmares
{Tatooine/Ebon Hawk/Carth & Oryn}

It was late into the night by the time Carth had reached the docking bay where rested the Hawk. Quietly, Carth made his way through the Hawk, making as much noise as a mouse, not that whatever notice he did make was cover by Giza's croaking. Again, not loud enough to wake anyone.
He gently made his way to the captain's quarters, which everyone decided was fair to let Oryn have. The doors opened with a hushed swoosh, and Carth carefully made his way to the bed on the left wall. He eased Oryn out of his arms and onto the bed. He froze like a statue when she shifted onto her side, and curled into herself. He held his breath until he was sure she wouldn't wake up, and quietly tiptoed backwards out of the room.
The door swooshed closed, and Carth leaned back against it for support. Dragging his hand down his face, he sighed. With what little energy he HADN'T spent, he shuffled his way to the men's sleeping quarters on the portside of t
:iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 2 7
Jawa trade language.”
Thoughts of character.’ (Which you’d think is obvious…)

{Tatooine/ Sand Doons/ Carth & Oryn}
"Gah!" Carth shouted angrily, placing his hands to his head, as if to block out everything. "That's it! I'm heading back to the Ebon Hawk!" With that, he turned around and stalked off; leaving Oryn standing there, steam practically coming out her ears in agitation. 
"Fine! Be that way!" She screamed at his retreating form.
Another conversation had not ended well at all, but this time, Carth actually left. He left her to watch out for her own self, and that suited her just fine.
'I'd rather be by myself that with a stubborn, pig-head! Can't even listen to me when I'm trying to be nice to him!’ She snorted in anger.
Carth stoked o
:iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 0 7
“Wookie or other species language.
Thoughts of character.’ (Which you’d think is obvious…)
"T3-M4/Bleeps and whizzing from driods." 

{On the Leviathan/Oryn Avari-Revan POV}

"Get back to the Ebon Hawk. I'll fight him off!" Bastila commanded.
"You go. Carth, if you have to drag her by her *ear*, do it. I'm not letting anyone sacrifice themselves. I *never* have." I demanded, glowering at Bastila.
"We don't have time to debate this!!" Bastila said, stubborn. But I am far more stubborn.
"My thoughts exactly. I swear, I'll meet you on Manaan" I stated. I took off the direction Malak had fled, giving her no time to argue.
"Come on! She's sacrificing herself so we can get out of here! Maybe if we're lucky they'll destroy each other." I heard Carth say. It felt like a knife to my heart. I had done so much and had finally gained his t
:iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 2 0
Self Portrait by Kittypie323 Self Portrait :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 0 0 Frozen in Carbonite by Kittypie323 Frozen in Carbonite :iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 0 0
Professor Layton Reader Puzzle
The board shown in the picture on the left is wired on the underside so A and B together turn the light on.
Now look at the board in the centre. This light has three contact points: A, B, and C. No matter whether you hold contact points: A and B, B and C, or A and C together, the light stays on. In that case, how must the wires on the underside of the board be connected? Draw the solution that has the fewest number of connections. The dotted line is the wires on the underside.

 I looked at it. “Is the answer... this?” I asked hesitantly.

“Very close, (Name).”The professor praised.
I sighed, “And you're going to make me do it on my own, aren't you?”
“I'm at least going to let you try.” He smiled at me, giving me a bit more confidence in myself.
Taking a deep breath, I gave it another shot. I looked again to the renewed image. “What
:iconkittypie323:Kittypie323 5 2


Link by Goldahe Link :icongoldahe:Goldahe 250 21 Original Song by Morloth88 Original Song :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 296 259 AP - Plauge - for Spople by HowlingToTheStars AP - Plauge - for Spople :iconhowlingtothestars:HowlingToTheStars 12 2 Viscet #2037 - CLOSED by HowlingToTheStars Viscet #2037 - CLOSED :iconhowlingtothestars:HowlingToTheStars 4 7 Sturm - 2 Activity Rolls *slight blood warning* by HowlingToTheStars
Mature content
Sturm - 2 Activity Rolls *slight blood warning* :iconhowlingtothestars:HowlingToTheStars 2 0
Viscet #2040 - Closed by HowlingToTheStars Viscet #2040 - Closed :iconhowlingtothestars:HowlingToTheStars 2 6 Thundering Horses - AP Chart by HowlingToTheStars Thundering Horses - AP Chart :iconhowlingtothestars:HowlingToTheStars 7 1 Glasses by Axsens Glasses :iconaxsens:Axsens 1,534 42 Fawn.nsfw opt. by Axsens Fawn.nsfw opt. :iconaxsens:Axsens 979 20 Endless by JadeMere Endless :iconjademere:JadeMere 2,646 73 JNPR by Quirkilicious JNPR :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 7,588 154 Holiday Elsa by Axsens Holiday Elsa :iconaxsens:Axsens 2,145 64 Painting by gabbyd70 Painting :icongabbyd70:gabbyd70 873 29 Painting WIP by gabbyd70 Painting WIP :icongabbyd70:gabbyd70 500 21 Witch's Apprentice Creator by Rinmaru Witch's Apprentice Creator :iconrinmaru:Rinmaru 281 13 Halloween Ahri.nsfw optional. by Axsens Halloween Ahri.nsfw optional. :iconaxsens:Axsens 1,705 31


Rexburg Idaho Temple
I've found I really enjoy photography, and the setting sun was just the perfect backdrop for this shoot! 
White Noise
Being hearing impaired can be difficult some days, and a lot of people don't realize it. Because I function so well, most people forget I can't always understand them. If you've ever seen Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Toph is blind, and her friends tend to forget that because she functions so well. But I'm not Toph, I'm not tough, and sometimes it really hurts to see everybody around me laughing, and I've completely missed the joke. So I started drawing again to try and take those feelings out of me and put them on paper so I can be rid of them. 


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Me! I edited this picture, and had a lot of fun doing it!!

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